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Monday, January 17, 2011

What is the grace of God?

Simply put, the grace of God is God blessing, healing, delivering, forgiving and prospering you because of Jesus. He paid it all and has given it to us as a gift. All we have to do is simply believe and be careful not to slip over into trying to earn it... And dishonor the one who paid the price and gave the gift... You can't earn a gift and everything God has given us is a gift. Grace is the unmerited, unearned favor of God that comes only through Jesus and his finished work on the cross. You and me... We just believe and enjoy... If you think that's hard to believe... I understand... because the news just seems too good to be true... And that's why man is always trying to add something to it And complicate the simplicity of Christ... Yes Father God loves us that much... And yes the news is that good... That's why we call it "THE GOSPEL" it is the best news ever presented to earth and his name is Jesus!! The only challenge is to believe in something Or someone that good, in a world that promises you the sun, moon and stars for three easy payments of $19.99... God promises you the one that MADE the sun, moon and stars FOR FREE!!! Enjoy this beautiful is free... but it's not cheap... And it's not for sale...Jesus paid the he could give it to you and me for free... So don't try to earn it and spit in his face... Just BELIEVE :)
:) and enjoy... Jesus loves you and his grace is shining to you RIGHT NOW!!!

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