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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Click here :) for a righteousness Rap... then click on 10.2 MB under apple Lossless Audio

you may or may not like the style... but the message is true... please enjoy... and more is coming!!!


Adam and eve in the garden
Lovin on father God
Greatest of ease everyone's pleased
Fellowship flowin in the cool day breeze

Satan came in and stopped the wind
Adam and his daddy separated by sin

Father God said, satans head
Would be bruised by the womans seed
4,000 years later
Jesus did the deed
Jesus did the deed
Jesus made the devil bleed
Jesus did the deed

JUSTIFIED in the son of man
Justified in the blood of the lamb
Justified in this American land
Justified as the great I am

He became sin so we could be right
Now it's time to fight the good fight
On the cross the great exchange
But Christians live like nothings changed
Walkin in fear and so much shame
Like Christ never died and took the blame
Cowardly Christians walk the earth 
Like worms in the dirt
Don't you realize what your worth
Don't you know what he did
Don't you know what he paid
Jesus came and died 
So we don't have to live betrayed
Now were


The righteous are bold as lions
But the church has been slaughtered like lambs
Somebody wake up and realize they been born again
God is living in you
And he's freed you from sin
God is living in you 
And he's givin you the will to win

You gotta
Crown of righteousness on your head
And a breastplate of righteousness
On your chest
And a robe of righteousness on your back
Your suited up
Ready for attack
The gates of hell will not prevail
Your bringin down heaven to shut down hell 
The word of God is flamin fresh from the lips of those that preach righteousness 


Faith is the fame of Gods sweet rest
I believe therefore I confess
I'm strong in the lord and the power of his might I walk with Christ in his glorious light
I'm righteous as God and my feet are shod with the gospel of peace

Satan your lease has been released 
Underneath my feet
You got no right to abide in this light
You got no right to abide in these lives
No right to abide


© Jeremiah Johnson 2011


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