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Friday, June 10, 2011

Click HERE TO LISTEN In Jesus all God's promises are ALWAYS YES!!!!

                   We have spent several generations restoring the awareness of the promises of God. Healing, protection, prosperity, wisdom, direction the list goes on and on. He has given us exceeding great and precious promises as expressions of his love for us. The promises of God are wonderful and thank God these truths are being restored to the body of Christ. But to focus all our attention and faith just on the promises is misguided because Christianity then becomes a formula for blessing and not a relationship. the enemy eventually takes it out of the realm of grace and into the real of works and "earning" the promises of God with our supposed spirituality. In our zeal for the blessings we end up going back under the old covenant and forget Jesus and the work of the cross. Our attention and the focus of our faith should be on Jesus and his finished work which qualifies us for these wonderful promises through his grace. If we take our attention off of Jesus and on the promises alone we find ourselves trying to qualify for what has been given as a gift through his grace. Jesus is reclaiming his own Gospel knocking on the doors of men's hearts. He's reclaiming our love and our attention inviting us to sit down at the table of his grace and to freely enjoy his promises. All the promises IN HIM are yes and amen!!!

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